What Kitchen Remodelers Do

A kitchen remodeler is a skilled kitchen contractor.  An expert remodeling contractor specializing in kitchen construction, renovation, and kitchen design layout ideas.  Whether for a small kitchen renovation that includes an affordable kitchen cabinet makeover for a budget-conscious homeowner.  Or creating blueprints for an upscale designer kitchen.  Complete with waterfall-edged granite kitchen countertops, elaborate custom-made hickory cabinets, and the best kitchen floor available.

Many kitchen contractors are National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) or National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) members.  The NKBA association is a leading educational resource for the industry; with high NKBA standards for construction excellence, professionalism, and workmanship.

What Kitchen Remodelers Do

The National Association of the Remodeling industry is a leading voice in the remodeling industry as a whole; promoting responsible, functional, and economically sound construction objectives.  For instance, the NARI sets specific guidelines for kitchen contractors.  Encouraging each to conduct business ethically; with integrity and honesty.  While setting high health and safety standards for kitchen remodel designs created.  Including kitchen remodel designs and features included within each plan, as well as materials used during kitchen construction.

Some kitchen remodelers may also have some type certified kitchen designer training.  However, such credentials are not mandatory. While status as a certified kitchen designer CKD is noteworthy, talented kitchen remodelers can be every bit as skilled as a licensed kitchen designer.  And while National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and/or National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) memberships are desirable, non-member kitchen contractors can be just as competent and reputable as those who are.

While not licensed as such, some kitchen remodelers boast self-taught kitchen designer skills.  Or else are naturally endowed with an eye for style, and the ability to create a kitchen floor plan design as efficient as it is décor-enhanced; both functional and cosmetically pleasing.  Some kitchen contractors possess talents in modern kitchen cabinet design or in producing visually appealing kitchen design layout ideas that maximize space.  Or designs that are themed.

For instance, 1980s-style white kitchen design layout with a modern twist; a marriage of white kitchen cabinet design with stainless, copper, or granite kitchen countertops.  Or old-world Tuscan kitchen remodeling designs that feature the optimal kitchen counter in ceramic tile; complimented by a hand-painted tile, tin, or copper backsplash.  Pulled together by gold wall covering using olive trim, and an earthy specialty kitchen floor of ginger or sienna brick.

The key when making remodeling contractor selection is that you find one with the experience and skill level needed for the type of kitchen construction you require.  Whether a small kitchen renovation, modest kitchen remodeling, or elaborate kitchen design layout.  A kitchen contractor who will abide by mandatory requirements for kitchen remodelers; including up-to-date contractor license and contractor insurance requirements.  And comply with national and local building codes, as well as National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and National Kitchen and Bath Association guidelines – mandatory or not.

Again, kitchen remodelers with only the required contractor license can demonstrate the same level integrity, capability, and workmanship as a kitchen remodeler with certified kitchen designer training.  Not to mention the possible benefit of lower kitchen renovation costs.  It all depends on the character, experience, and skill level of the individual remodeling contractor.  As well as extent and complexity of the kitchen construction to be performed.

The long and short of it is this; a kitchen contractor offers specialized services.  As kitchen remodeling experts they are highly skilled at both large and small kitchen floor plan design and construction.  Whether formulating ideas for innovative kitchen remodeling on a budget projects, or breathing to life original kitchen designer concepts.

As professional kitchen contractors, each must meet certain state contractor license and contractor insurance requirements.  In addition to national and local building codes and guidelines; designed for the protection of you and your home.