What Bathroom Remodel Contractors Do

It is a known fact!  Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.  This makes a new kitchen or quality bathroom construction one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make.  A feat the average DIY bathroom remodeling homeowner should not try by them self.  Since poor DIY bathroom remodeling workmanship combined with inadequate bathroom renovation plans is a huge waste of time, materials, and money!

A reliable remodeling bathroom contractor with the right skills can effectively optimize the real estate value of your home and increase its efficiency with a new dream home bathroom.  Creating a more lovely and relaxing environment for you and your family.

Bathroom remodel contractors are highly skilled professionals.  They are the bathroom experts, with a treasure-trove of bathroom remodel ideas on a budget that can turn your ho-hum small bathroom design into a showcase.  One as practical and useful as it is beautiful, without breaking your wallet!

An experienced remodeling bathroom contractor help homeowners achieve their new bathroom construction dreams for much less than anticipated.  And will guide them through the otherwise mind-boggling process of home bathroom spa ideas and bathroom remodeling construction.  Inexperienced homeowners who attempt a DIY bathroom remodeling independently often find themselves locked in a project riddled by costly pitfalls.  And discover that even a small bathroom design makeover can turn into a big, expensive headache.

bathroom remodeling

For instance, as the bathroom experts, professional contractors will not only develop entirely new bathroom renovation plans for a complete remodel.  A kitchen bathroom contractor can help the homeowner incorporate new bathroom remodel ideas on a budget into an old bathroom floor plan.  Such as innovative storage ideas, and space saving fixtures.  Or else capture a specific mood by exploiting light, color, and décor-style – the 3 key elements to successful bathroom remodeling design.

As a professional, even a basic remodeling bathroom contractor should maintain proper contractor insurance and building contractor license requirements.  As well as follow all bathroom building codes to a “T”. Note: an accessibility bathroom  has unique handicap bathroom building codes

Most local bathroom remodelers provide free itemized new bathroom construction quotes upon request.  And some hold additional building contractor license credentials, over and above that of a remodeling bathroom contractor.  Or else are registered in other areas that compliment their home bathroom remodeling services.  (I.e. plumbing, roofing, glass and glazing, drywall, solar, etc.). Reducing or omitting the need for subcontractor services; saving the homeowner time, effort, and money.

What to Expect From Good bathroom remodeling Contractors

When it comes to turning a homeowner’s home bathroom spa ideas into a reality, a good bathroom contractor will be worth his weight in gold.  Flawless home bathroom remodeling ideas will tie the knot with quality bathroom construction, and you’ll see your dream home bathroom materialize right before your eyes!

A good bathroom contractor is waiting to make bathroom redesign-magic happen for you, too.  It just takes research and patience to find the right kitchen bathroom contractor for the job.  While scads of local bathroom remodelers may offer reliable service, hold out for the best bathroom contractor possible.  It is the best way to protect your home bathroom remodeling ideas investment.  And assure your dream home bathroom will match or exceed expectations.

A good bathroom contractor will go over and above industry standards set down for bathroom remodeling contractors.  For instance, a good bathroom contractor will enhance building contractor license requirements with other certification, licensing, or credentials for the benefit of the homeowner and for more complete service.

A good bathroom contractor will abide by new bathroom construction industry guidelines and standards, whether mandatory or not.  Designed for the protection of the homeowner.

In addition to the above, a good kitchen bathroom contractor:

  • Will evaluate the existing large or small bathroom design without cost, offering home bathroom remodeling ideas for enhanced efficiency and function.
  • Will come to your home for a free bathroom remodeling consultation, complete with free bathroom remodeling quotes.  Note: as the bathroom experts, many bathroom remodeling contractors offer free 3-dimensional computerized illustrations.  To help the homeowner better visualize their home bathroom remodeling ideas.  Before hiring any contractor, request a bid or quote, not an estimate.  Estimates are not binding and are subject to change.
  • Will formulate a bathroom remodeling design based upon family preferences and needs.  Whether for bathroom remodel ideas on a budget or a dream home bathroom design, a good bathroom contractor will incorporate the homeowner’s preferences for new bathroom construction into the project design, whenever feasible.
  • Will develop affordable bathroom renovation plans for the homeowner with a bathroom remodel ideas on a budget project.  Let’s say home bathroom spa ideas are part of the new bathroom remodeling, and costs are a concern.  By formulating plans that omit the need to relocate plumbing, hundreds or thousands of dollars can be saved.  Note: According to Dave Traynor of Texas Remodelers, many bathroom remodeling contractors are currently “running very sharp pencil numbers on their services.”  Mr. Traynor, a D-Magazine “Best of Dallas” contractor who also serves as an editorial resource for Dallas Home Improvement Magazine, states that he and other bathroom remodel contractors, “are tightening our belts and discounting labor to keep our sales up and our crews busy.”  The bottom line?  While the demand for a kitchen bathroom contractor continues to grow, the sagging economy has helped to lower remodeling costs by as much as 15 to 20%, benefiting homeowners.
  • Will offer the highest quality bathroom construction available.  A good bathroom contractor will use only the best materials and products, at the most affordable price.
  • Will have strong connections with multiple quality bathroom construction vendors, for the largest selection of goods at the best price.
  • Will research for the best quality bathroom construction materials at the most affordable prices.  Good bathroom remodeling contractors will pass any savings down to the homeowner.
  • Will help the homeowner develop a realistic budget, and then keep to the agreed upon guidelines for bathroom remodeling costs.
  • Will establish the requirements of the homeowner and develop unique home bathroom remodeling ideas to fit the needs of family members.  Such as small cubbies under a vanity for small children, and individual drawers or compartments for each family member’s personal belongings and toiletry items.
  • Will assess the bathroom’s present floor plan design – including space, ventilation, lighting, fixtures, materials, flooring, and layout.  A good bathroom contractor will create the best new dream home bathroom design possible by exploiting the benefits of the above features.
  • Will offer complete remodeling bathroom services.  Including appraisals, design, building, supply, quality bathroom construction material installation, maintenance, and more.
  • Will allow ample time for production and ordering of special materials when scheduling new bathroom construction.
  • Will keep a bathroom renovation checklist.  A good kitchen bathroom contractor will be organized and formulate a bathroom renovation checklist that outlines remodeling needs, materials, completion dates, bathroom building codes, permits – required and obtained, inspection dates, and more. The bathroom renovation checklist will be complete, referred to often, and updated as needed.
  • Will help the homeowner plan ahead for inconveniences associated with a bathroom remodeling.  Good bathroom remodeling contractors will forewarn the homeowner as to when the water or electrical supply to the bathroom will be interrupted, and for how long.  As well as suggest other arrangements (i.e. the use a neighbor’s facility).
  • Will arrive at the new bathroom construction site with everything required for that day.  Not only in regards to manpower, building supplies, and tools.  But a good bathroom contractor will have rags, towels, buckets, and other items on hand that might be needed.
  • Will be well versed as to bathroom building codes, state and local.  A good kitchen bathroom contractor will also be knowledgeable about universal and handicap bathroom building codes and guidelines.
  • Will have all permits required to meet state and local bathroom building codes in place, before beginning new bathroom construction.
  • Will breathe new life into your own master bathroom renovation ideas.  A good bathroom contractor will help to personalize your private space.
  • Will demonstrate exceptional bathroom remodeling skills in various areas of large or small bathroom design; for purposes of beauty, convenience, and maximum use of space.
  • Will stick to the agreed upon schedule.  Good bathroom remodeling contractors will complete bathroom renovation plans on time, unless unavoidable/unforeseen problems arise.
  • Will provide free follow-up services to ensure your dream home bathroom remodel is everything you hoped for.  A good kitchen bathroom contractor will satisfy the homeowner’s desire for quality bathroom construction; including materials, workmanship, and design.
  • Will warranty workmanship and bathroom remodeling products in writing; labor, materials, fixtures, and features.  Note: a good bathroom contractor usually holds on to all warranties until after the new bathroom construction has been completed and/or paid for.  And then presents them to the homeowner.
  • Will maintain proper contractor insurance and building contractor license requirements.
  • Will maintain membership with bathroom construction related associations, such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry NARI.
  • Will have on hand the majority of equipment necessary to complete the new bathroom construction and design.   Avoiding the extra expense of rental equipment that would be handed down to the homeowner.
  • Will formulate a realistic timetable that breaks down new bathroom construction into stages, along with specific finishing points.  And a time table that includes the anticipated bathroom remodeling completion date.

Good bathroom remodeling contractors will also offer free home bathroom spa ideas, and home bathroom remodeling ideas – even if they don’t get the job.  They will suggest ways to enhance your master bathroom renovation ideas or small bathroom design.  Such as strategically placed windows to make the bathroom appear more open and less closed in.  With the added benefit of natural light, and solar warmth.

A good bathroom remodeling contractor will utilize a bathroom renovation checklist to reduce the risk new bathroom construction errors.  And include within the bathroom renovation checklist an outline of all home bathroom remodeling ideas, and a building materials list complete with home bathroom remodeling costs.  In addition to required permits, the bathroom renovation checklist should include work schedule details and anticipated completion dates.  Including anything else relevant to the new bathroom construction project.

The bathroom renovation checklist should also contain helpful kitchen bathroom contractor tips to help the homeowner deal with new bathroom construction inconveniences.  Such as noise level, privacy issues, increased indoor traffic, clutter, project delays, outdoor parking issues, etc.

Good bathroom remodeling contractors will go the extra mile to help make the new construction remodel a good – not negative – experience for the homeowner.

A good bathroom contractor will use only skilled laborers with proper contractor insurance throughout the bathroom remodeling project, for quality workmanship that is uniform.  And will enlist an established crew using the same local bathroom remodelers and laborers.  This will help the homeowner feel more at ease, by having only workers they are familiar with in and out of their home. And will help ensure that service is consistent and construction-related stress, reduced.

Lastly, a good kitchen bathroom contractor will allow homeowners to select their paint brand of preference, instead of the type of paint most cost-effective from the perspective of the contractor. For instance, paint brands selected primarily because they are easier to apply, cover more efficiently, or dry more quickly.

According to a March 09, 2011 Consumer Reports article, although many bathroom remodel contractors favor quality paint, contractor vs. homeowner needs differ.  The bathroom experts generally prefer a paint that glides on smoothly, dries quickly between coasts, and hides touch-ups easily.  Whereas homeowner’s have more long-term concerns:  “Will the paint used during bathroom construction resist mildew?”  “How easy will it be to clean the walls?”

According to Consumer Reports tests, Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint remains the #1 champ, 2 years running.  (Available in 4 different interior wall products, as well as a stain-blocking product for ceilings.)  It is the perfect paint for master bathroom renovation ideas and dream home bathroom projects because it resists stains and mildew.  Behr paint is available at various national home remodeling outlets for just over $30 a gallon.  As a enticement to bathroom remodeling contractors, the company has established a 3-point “direct-to-pro program:”

  • Free delivery on large orders
  • Volume-discount pricing
  • Factory tinting for more consistent color matching

Alerting your kitchen bathroom contractor to this special program could prove beneficial for both parties.

A good bathroom contractor will be interested in building a good work relationship with the homeowner.  They will be more concerned with customer satisfaction and safety than about costs, and will readily honor the terms and conditions of equipment warranties.

In short, a good bathroom contractor will provide you – the homeowner – with the best service possible!

Why Research for a Reliable Remodeling Bathroom Contractor?

As surprising as it seems, many people will research items like cell phones and televisions before making a purchasing decision.  But then hire a remodeling bathroom contractor to carry out costly bathroom renovation plans based on:

  • Price – because it sounded affordable
  • Advertising – the ad was large and impressive
  • Assertions and promises

This is a colossal mistake for several reasons:

1.) Price does not equal best bathroom contractor.  Nor is advertisement size or design a reflection of a bathroom remodeling contractors trustworthiness or level of skill.

2.) Unsupported assertions are easy to make, but are worthless without validation.  And pledges made by bathroom remodeling contractors are non-binding, unless they are in writing.

3.) Even bathroom remodel ideas on a budget represent a sizeable investment.  One that should be protected.

4.) The services of a budget-priced kitchen bathroom contractor could cost more in the long-run, than a quality bathroom construction by a more skilled remodeling bathroom contractor.

A dream home bathroom, home bathroom spa ideas, or even a new small bathroom design all represent a sizeable investment that should be protected.  Not only for the sake of ensuring the homeowner gets what they paid for – a quality bathroom construction.  But also to improve the bathroom’s efficiency and usability.  To help increase the real estate value of the home.  And to make the home more desirable to potential buyers, once it is placed on the market.

In addition, researching qualifications and credentials of local bathroom remodeling contractors is the only way to insure proper contractor insurance and building contractor license requirements are met.  And that bathroom building codes will be respected.

As with many other things in life, you generally get what you pay for.  Trying to save money by hiring “the bathroom experts” with the cheapest price tag could compromise project success.  Resulting in shoddy new bathroom construction workmanship, inefficient repairs, or even worse.  Requiring additional time and money to fix bathroom renovation plans gone awry.  Or problems not effectively dealt with the first time.  Additional reasons why hiring local bathroom remodelers based upon price alone is not prudent.

While affordable bathroom renovation quotes should be a consideration, expertise, workmanship, reliability, track record, and accessibility are also important.  Aspects determined only through research, and by comparing each remodeling bathroom contractor vying for the job.

Finding the best bathroom contractor or local bathroom remodelers is the same as finding the right person for any type job.  It is achieved through a process of interviewing, research, screening, and elimination.  Followed by final kitchen bathroom contractor selection.

Another good reason to screen bathroom remodeling contractors is because of the fierce competition in new bathroom construction industry.  Some local bathroom remodelers make enticing promises to lure homeowners into making a hasty hiring decision.  They may promise the moon for little or no cost.  Unfortunately, many homeowners realize too late that hidden costs, substandard workmanship, and empty promises all add to a much higher price tag than anticipated.

Calling the first kitchen bathroom contractor listed in the phone book, or the one with the most impressive advertisement, can turn simple bathroom renovation plans into a financial nightmare.  Or create a crisis situation when fixtures fail to function, plumbing leaks, or when sub-zero temperatures cause the new pipe system to freeze up.  Situations easily avoided by screening for a skilled local bathroom contractor before signing on the dotted line.

Remember, once you have weeded potential bathroom remodel contractors down to 3 or 4 strong candidates, collect written itemized quotes from each.  (Avoid estimates, which are not legally binding and are subject to change.)   Research credentials, review portfolios, and check references. And ensure proper contractor insurance and building contractor license requirements are met, for the state where the bathroom remodeling will take place.

Once you have found the best bathroom contractor for the job, meet again to finalize bathroom renovation plans.  Draw up a detailed contract that outlines services, fees, the bathroom remodeling work schedule, new bathroom construction materials, and warranty information – BEFORE beginning the project.  Also make sure the contract is signed by all parties involved.  Unsigned contracts are not legally binding.

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