What a Licensed Journeyman Plumber Does

A licensed journeyman plumber is a highly skilled professional who installs, repairs, and maintains plumbing systems.  Certified plumbing professionals perform a vast number of plumbing industry related jobs, including:

  • Business and home plumbing help.
  • Plumbing emergency services.
  • Installing plumbing fixtures, pumps, and appliances (including hot water heaters and boilers).
  • New gas, septic, and water plumbing system installation and maintenance.
  • Repairing common plumbing problems, including bathroom plumbing problems, clogged drains, pipe leaks, boiler and hot water heater plumbing repair.
  • Waterline installation, replacement, and repair; above or below ground.
  • Installation of new plumbing systems and related items.
  • Updating, maintaining, and repairing existing plumbing systems; leaky or corroded pipes, broken pipes attributed to freezing or other damage, sewer or septic blockage caused by tree roots, silt, or other debris.

Certified plumbing professionals like a licensed journeyman plumber (or any type plumber) may provide other plumbing services; industrial, commercial, and residential.  Including fuel gas piping and venting system and water treatment equipment services.  Plumbing emergency services are provided for issues such as bathroom plumbing problems; sewage removal, water supply contamination, and flooding or drainage catastrophes from rain or surface/subsurface water.

How To Find And Hire Good Plumbers

American Plumber Titles

Licensed plumbing professionals have different titles.  Not all are a “licensed journeyman plumber”.  And some licensed plumbing professionals specialize in specific plumbing industry areas.

Eco-friendly Plumber
An eco-friendly plumber addresses the needs of an environmentally-conscious society.  An eco-friendly plumber will exploit specialized plumbing fixtures to resolve home plumbing problems in ways that save water, energy, and money.

Certified plumbing professionals like an eco-friendly plumber are environmentally minded; endorsing low-flow water-saving plumbing fixtures and appliances over traditional.  (I.e. an eco-friendly plumber may recommend tankless water heaters, low-flow toilets, faucet aerators, and front-loading washing machines.)  Note: toilets represent the main source of residential water use, and a primary source of water waste (i.e. bathroom plumbing problems, leaks, inefficiency).  Ask an eco-friendly plumber or other environmentally-conscious residential plumber about high-performance, water-efficient toilet choices.

Apprentice Journeyman Plumbers
Apprentice journeyman plumbers are on their way to becoming a licensed journeyman plumber.  Apprentice journeyman plumbers work under the close supervision of certified plumbing professionals; usually, a licensed master plumber.  Hands-on training is acquired through an apprentice plumber program.  Licensed plumber trainees often receive pay; they cultivate skills within the apprentice plumber program installing plumbing systems, and fixing complex to common plumbing problems.

Apprentice journeyman plumbers must meet licensed journeyman plumber requirements before becoming certified.  After completing a set number of hours in an apprentice plumber program and taking required courses, a licensed plumber test must be passed.  After passing the licensed journeyman plumbers test, apprentice journeyman plumbers can become licensed plumbing professionals.  Newly licensed plumbing professionals usually work as an employee, or under the supervision of a licensed master plumber or restricted licensed master plumber.

Licensed journeyman plumbers
Once apprentice journeyman plumbers meet all journeyman plumber requirements they become a licensed plumbing professional.  They have gained experience as apprentice journeyman plumbers, obtained skills through a combination of instruction, apprentice plumber program participation, and hands-on training.  And have taken and passed the journeyman plumber test

A licensed journeyman plumber will have a good working knowledge of plumbing systems.  As a skilled plumber, they can work independently on a wide range of plumbing industry related jobs.  Including setting up, maintaining, and repairing various plumbing systems.  Journeyman plumbers also provide plumbing emergency services (i.e. bathroom plumbing problems, hot water heater plumbing repair).

As certified plumbing professionals, journeyman plumbers provide plumbing industry related services statewide This includes interior and exterior plumbing applications; water plumbing systems, sanitary and storm sewer systems inside property lines.

Restricted Journeyman Plumber
A restricted journeyman plumber is an plumber who has worked a certain minimum number of years as a licensed journeyman plumber.  Either employed by a company, or working under the direction of a licensed master plumber.  A restricted journeyman plumber can service plumbing systems and fix business and home plumbing problems, interior or exterior within property lines, in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

Experienced Jobbing Plumber
Some certified plumbing professionals carry the title “experienced jobbing plumber”.  An experienced jobbing plumber can work on various types of pipe and plumbing systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Whether water, gas, air, or steam.

An experienced jobbing plumber tests newly installed plumbing systems for leaks and flow needs, and maintains existing plumbing system units.  Experienced jobbing plumber skills may include installing and maintaining utility system pipes and fixtures; not only for buildings, but for ships and aircraft.

Licensed Master Plumber
A licensed master plumber is a fully qualified professional who has worked as a licensed journeyman plumber for a set number of years; usually four to five.  After working as a journeyman plumber or experienced jobbing plumber, certified master plumber candidates must take a written exam and apply for a certified master plumber license.  Note: each state has specific requirements to become a licensed master plumber.  Even after becoming a certified master plumber, renewal requirements exist.

Like licensed journeyman plumbers, a certified master plumber handles various plumbing industry related tasks.  Everything from installing high-tech plumbing systems to providing home plumbing help for hot water heater plumbing repair and everyday bathroom plumbing problems.  Due to their high level of experience and resulting expertise, a licensed master plumber is inline for leadership positions.  With a higher licensed master plumber pay scale; usually accompanied by superior benefits.

Master plumbers are not your typical “Joe the plumber.”  They are certified plumbing professionals who have paid their dues as a licensed journeyman plumber and/or experienced jobbing plumber.  They can tackle nearly any plumbing emergency, and are knowledgeable about plumbing industry standards.  A certified master plumber can design and install entire plumbing systems, including sewer, water treatment, gas, and sprinkler systems.  Note: a certified master plumber license is required to install water and sewer lines from the main line to a structure.

Master plumbing professionals can supervise a work team and train apprentice journeyman plumbers.  They can contract for plumbing jobs independently, and conduct their own business.  Note: a certified master plumber license is required to oversee both restricted and licensed journeyman plumber workers.

Restricted Master Plumber
A restricted master plumber can perform all the indoor/outdoor duties of a certified master plumber; in municipalities populated by fewer than 5,000 persons.

There exist other titles for licensed, insured plumbing professionals.  Including landscape, air conditioning, and water conditioning installers and contractors. A certified pipelayer handles outside plumbing industry work on water pipes and drain, storm, and sanitary sewer pipes within property lines.

The Importance of the Modern-Day Plumber

The services of a licensed journeyman plumber and other certified plumbing professionals will grow in demand.  How can one know with certainty that the future of the plumber is secure?  Because the plumbing industry is an important, integrated part of the USA and every developed country.  Daily requirements for H20 consumption, clean water, and proper collection and transport of wastes dictate that.

The plumbing industry directly impacts the public’s health, safety, and welfare.  For that reason, new plumbing system installation and business and home plumbing problems must be handled a certain way.  Licensed plumbing professionals are trained to uphold strict plumbing industry standards, codes, and guidelines.

There are valid reasons why a licensed journeyman plumber and other licensed plumbing professionals must adhere to rigid standards and guidelines to maintain licensing.  First, to ensure that skilled plumber services are rendered by certified plumbing professionals with specialized training.  Licensed and insured plumbing professionals, familiar with plumbing industry laws and codes.

Plumbing industry standards help safeguard building occupants, the property, and the environment from unhealthy and unsanitary conditions that could result from even common plumbing problems.  Journeyman plumber requirements demand adherence to national and state codes and guidelines.

Second, licensed and insured plumbing professionals must use particular plumbing materials, listed and approved for a specific purpose.  With special techniques like “brazing”, “compression fitting”, and “solvent welding”; utilizing special tools.

Third, licensed journeyman plumbers must fulfill permit requirements for certain types of work on plumbing systems.  (Including water heater replacement, plumbing system relocation, and installation of sewage and septic plumbing systems.)  Utilizing procedures and workmanship that will pass the local plumbing official’s inspection.

Plumbers in a Nutshell…

Licensed journeyman plumbers are certified plumbing professionals who provide business and home plumbing help and installation.  They install, sustain, and repair various business and residential gas, water, and waste systems.  Including entire plumbing systems and various plumbing lines within property grounds; plumbing fixtures, faucets, pumps, etc.  A licensed journeyman plumber can handle a myriad of plumbing emergency needs – large or small.

plumbers acquire specialized skills through a state-run apprentice plumber program.  They have passed a journeyman plumber test and met all journeyman plumber requirements before acquiring a license.  Note: licensing for certified plumbing professionals ensures they have received proper training and skilled plumber testing.  It does not guarantee the holder is trustworthy, or conducts him/herself professionally. 

When it comes to trouble-shooting your business or home plumbing problems, don’t take risks.  Avoid hiring any “Joe the plumber” you run across in the yellow pages.  Trust only reputable licensed plumbing professionals with your home plumbing problems.

For an informative article with detailed requirements for certified plumbing professionals, and information on how to become one, read – “How To Become a Licensed Plumbing Professional; Journeyman Plumber Requirements”.

The Importance of the Conservation Efforts of an Eco-Friendly Plumber

Considering new plumbing system installation, or any type business or home remodeling in the near future?  Then consider the services of a licensed journeyman plumber who is an eco-friendly plumber.  The information below offers compelling evidence that the plumber trend is destined toward green.

According to a 2003 report by the United States General Accounting Office (GAO), water managers in 36 states anticipate fresh water shortages by the year 2013; whether in certain regions of the state or state-wide.  Even if conditions are non-drought.

Such shortages would negatively affect numerous households on a personal level.  And have a negative impact on our nation economically (agriculture), as well as environmentally (wildlife, natural resources).

Eco-minded citizens can help to preserve our water supply, guard our environment, and extend our natural resources.  How?  By choosing plumbing systems with a slant toward green.  And hiring certified plumbing professionals like an eco-friendly plumber, whenever business and home plumbing help is required.

Consider the following.  According to information on one Department of Health and Environmental Control website, water-efficient plumbing systems combined with low-flow plumbing fixtures could save around 3-trillion gallons of water annually, nationwide.  And more than $18 billion.

A licensed journeyman plumber who is an eco-friendly plumber will opt for water-efficient plumbing fixtures every time!  For an innovative plumbing system with features requiring less water from nature.  To conserve our natural fresh water resources, reduce energy consumption, and save you money!

Note: for more information on water resource concerns and ways to help conserve water and energy, read “An Eco-Friendly Plumber; a Good Conservation Solution for Home Plumbing Problems”. 

Why Research for Good Certified Plumbing Professionals?

It is surprising that many people research items like cell phones and food processors before making a purchasing decision.  But then trust any Joe the plumber to attend to their plumbing system, as long as the price is right.  Or will hire the first Plumber Joe they find in the yellow pages for costly home plumbing problems.  A huge mistake for several reasons:

1.) Price does not reflect the trustworthiness or performance of plumbing professionals.

2.)  The services of licensed journeyman plumbers for plumbing system work and plumbing emergency repairs represent an investment that needs protecting.

3.) Your plumbing systems reliability and performance is important to the health, comfort, and safety of you, your family and your community.

4.) The low rates quoted by Plumber Joe could cost more in the long run than the services of more reputable certified plumbing professionals.

5.)  Researching licensed journeyman plumber qualifications and credentials is the only way to insure license and insurance requirements will be met.  And national and state plumbing industry standards and codes adhered to.

Few things in life are free.  You generally get what you pay for.  Hiring any Joe the plumber to save money could hamper a speedy resolve to a plumbing emergency.  Or compromise on the success and efficiency of a new plumbing system.  For instance:

  • Shoddy installation of plumbing fixtures.
  • Leaky plumbing systems.
  • Remedies to home plumbing problems not meeting plumbing industry standards.
  • Improper/ineffective use of materials for even common plumbing problems.
  • Inefficient maintenance efforts (i.e. hot water heater plumbing repair).
  • Escalated kitchen or bathroom plumbing problems
  • Or worse!

The result?  Having to back-paddle by hiring more reputable certified plumbing professionals to correct the poor workmanship or inadequate repairs made by a budget-priced Plumber Joe.  Plus additional time and money to redo home plumbing problems not effectively dealt with the first time.  Or to offset new home plumbing problems resulting from poor workmanship.  Additional reasons why hiring any plumber Joe or licensed journeyman plumber based upon price alone is not prudent.

While plumber rates are a consideration, don’t hire any Joe the plumber just because they offer lower plumber rates.  Licensed plumber credentials, expertise, skill, reliability, track record, and accessibility are more important than saving a few dollars.  Qualities established only through researching area certified plumbing professionals.

For an informative article on researching for the best plumber possible, read – “The Perfect Licensed Journeyman Plumber for the Job; Screening and Hiring Tips”.

Why Screen American Plumber Candidates?

Finding qualified certified American plumbing professionals is like finding the best person for any job.  A process of researching journeyman plumber requirements, interviewing, screening, and eliminating residential plumber candidates who don’t fit the bill before making final licensed journeyman plumber selection.

Why is screening plumbing professionals important?  First, hiring licensed, insured plumbing professionals for plumbing system work is mandatory in many situations.  And the majority of the time, it is the most prudent decision.  Except for simple DIY plumbing problems like fixing a leak, replacing basic plumbing fixtures, or similar common plumbing problems.

For many other plumbing tasks, and especially for complicated jobs such as water heater plumbing repair, mending sewer lines, and updating plumbing systems, the services of certified plumbing professionals is essential.  And since home plumbing help represents an investment that should be protected, it is wise to screen licensed journeyman plumbers before hiring anyone.

Reasons to screen plumber candidates:

  • Plumbing industry competition is fierce.  Plumbing professionals could exaggerate or misrepresent credentials, services, or skills.
  • Any determined Joe the plumber can make enticing promises, luring persons with home plumbing problems into making a hasty hiring decision.
  • Any Plumber Joe can pledge the moon for little or no cost, without ever intending to deliver on verbal promises.

Many homeowners discover after it is too late that inadequate insurance, hidden plumber rates, incomplete plumbing system work, substandard workmanship, and empty promises can end up costing considerably more than anticipated.

The above is true even in regards to persons represented as certified plumbing professionals.  It is always in the best interest of project owners to screen licensed journeyman plumbers before hiring anyone.  And without exception, it is the project owner’s responsibility to screen contractors themselves.  Bottom line, it is the only way to ensure:

  • All journeyman plumber requirements are met, including licensing and insurance.
  • Licensed plumbing professional credentials have not expired.
  • The person is who they say they are; a licensed, skilled plumber who can legally work on complex plumbing systems.
  • The plumber will abide by national plumbing industry standards and plumbing codes.
  • Certified plumbing professionals workmanship, material choices, and procedures will pass local plumbing inspector scrutiny.
  • No valid complaints exist against the licensed journeyman plumber.
  • The screening process is thorough.
  • The licensed plumber assessment is up-to-date.

Calling the first plumber Joe you find in the phone book can turn even common plumbing problems into financial nightmares.  A catastrophe easily avoided by hiring only newly-screened, reputable, certified plumbing professionals.

For information on licensed plumber work orders and contracts and how to formulate one, read – “A Residential Plumber Contract Agreement; Why and How to Develop Plumber Work Orders and Contracts”.

Locate a skilled plumber for home plumbing help, now.  To update plumbing fixtures, construct a new plumbing system, work on external plumbing; for hot water heater plumbing repair or bathroom plumbing problems, large or small.  Seek reliable licensed journeyman plumbers, an eco-friendly plumber, or certified plumbing professionals like a licensed master plumber.  Or find an experienced jobbing plumber, anywhere in the USA.

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