How Concrete Is Used

Concrete is a building material consisting of aggregate, cement (usually Portland cement) and water. This concrete can then be formed into any shape while wet and when it dries becomes a very strong, load bearing structure with a number of different applications for your floors, landscaping projects and driveways.

Concrete is formed by mixing the Portland cement with water and aggregate. Concrete may either be mixed on the building site or come in ready-mixed bags so that all that is required is to add the water. The most commonly used cement today is Portland cement. Portland cement is a mixture of 90% Portland cement clinker, a little calcium sulfate and up to 5% other materials. In the past asbestos was also often used in cement until the dangers became commonly known and restrictions were placed on its use.

Concrete has many different uses but in your home a contractor may use concrete in your gate or fence, the foundations of your home, floors, landscaping, and in brick or block walls. Other uses for concrete include roadways, driveways, pavements, dams and other architectural structures.

How Concrete Is Used

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A number of the contractors on work with concrete and if you are needing to build walls, build a new home and foundations or put in a gate or fence you can find a contractor on who can do it for you. You can find a company in your area using our database of contractors, or post a project and you will get bids from different contractors on our database that do the work you are looking for.

Concrete is widely used in the building industry in foundations, walls, gates and many other applications. It is made from a combination of Portland cement, aggregate and water and can come in ready-mixed bags or be mixed by the contractor on site. You can find a contractor using the database or post your project on our website and have contractors contact you.