Bathroom Remodeling and Maintenance

Bathroom remodeling has many benefits for you and your family. Renovating your bathroom can help rejuvenate your homes appearance and increase it’s resale value. Browse through our bathroom remodeling section for helpful advice or visit our contractor directory to find the right contractor for your bathroom remodeling project.

Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling
Small bathroom remodeling ideas begin with careful planning and graph paper. By drawing out the exact measurements of the present bathroom the homeowner can then trace in the fixtures that he or she want to see in the new bathroom. Careful consideration should be paid to lighting, both natural and fixtures, as this will give the bathroom the perception of size.
How to design your bathroom
Bathroom design can easily become an overwhelming project. This article takes readers through the phases of bathroom design. Some stress relieving tips are offered.
How to make a small bathroom look bigger
A small bathroom can look larger with the right colors and design scheme. This article will show readers how to get ideas from design magazines for creating an illusion of more space. Photographic principles are explained in the context of how to design for more feeling of spaciousness.
Updating your Bathroom Lighting
One of the most often overlooked potential renovation areas in a bathroom is the bathroom vanity light. Vanity lighting is more important than you might think, not only making it easier to prepare for the day but to also make the character of your bathroom’s features stand out.
How To Replace A Bath Tub Or Shower All By Yourself
Some homeowners balk at the prospect of installing a new bath tub or shower stall by themselves. Often, they call in a “professional” who is frighteningly expensive and often unreliable. Installing a shower stall or a new bath tub is often easier than people think.
DIY Bathroom Design-Ideas and Tips for a Quick and Affordable New Bathroom-Large or Small
Ever wish you had the new bathroom design savvy to create the perfect bathroom for your home and family? This creative 798-word article simply oozes with bathroom remodel suggestions. Imaginative inspiration for resourceful diy projects with designer flair. Quick, easy bathroom remodel ideas for better bathroom design, and the precise style you want. With a welcoming atmosphere that speaks good taste.
Essential Design Tips for the Best Bathroom Renovation
Bathrooms are an important part of our homes. Not only do we spend a lot of time there, but the fixtures and features of a well designed bathroom can provide comfort and help us to relax. The best design for your bathroom renovation takes into account personalities and style as well as all the functional uses of this essential space. Be practical and include low maintenance surfaces and plenty of light in your new bathroom. Keeping the plumbing in the same location cuts down on costs but if the layout doesn’t work for your family, it should be changed regardless. Keep your bathroom to a reasonable size to have balance in the overall floor plan. And even though you should include original and distinct designs and features, don’t follow the trends. Stick to what you love and want to live with in this important and essential room.
Top Five Considerations Before You Start Your Bathroom Renovation
Before beginning your bathroom renovation, think about your water heater and the waste water system, the optimum location of the room and how to design a space with classic appeal. Finally decide how you can incorporate more green options into your new bathroom and look forward to a valuable renovation project that has benefits for your daily life.
Save Money on Bathroom Renovations by Hiring the Right Contractor
Save money on bathroom renovations and get a professional finish with the right contractor. Find one you can communicate with well and have them help you design the room to suit your lifestyle. Reusing some of the existing features of your bathroom may also be possible. Trust the right contractor to guide you through this process and your renovation will add value and comfort to your home.
Five Ways to Save Money on a Bathroom Renovation
Everybody wants to save money. But that can be tough to accomplish when renovating a bathroom. Use these five ways to help you save money on your bathroom renovation project.
Do Bathtub Surrounds Make for Fast Bathroom Remodels
If you’re looking for a quick and affordable bathroom remodel a bathtub surround may be the perfect solution. They offer a durable, easily maintained finish that looks fantastic for years. Installation is fast and simple with very little, if any, removal needed. Ask your bathroom renovation professional about this attractive product that can deliver big results fast.
How to Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor You Can Trust
By following these steps carefully and patiently you have a much better chance of hiring a contractor you can trust for your bathroom remodeling project. Decide what you want from the renovation, gather a long list of potential contractors and use general questions to narrow that down to three or four names. Compare the prices with your budget in mind and check the references of your top picks. Then get ready to work closely with this contractor to design and construct your dream bathroom.
Bathroom Lighting Basics
Bathroom lighting is more than just a bare bulb in a vent fan. Use this guide to achieve the ultimate in bathroom lighting design for your new bathroom.
Design and Installation Tips for Your Ensuite Bathroom Remodeling Project
An ensuite bathroom remodeling project can make your personal space much more comfortable, while adding significant value to your home. Be sure to plan the area well and have the plumbing done correctly by a professional. Invest in high quality fixtures for luxury and leave enough room for two in this special bathroom space. Your master bath can be personalized and made cozy with good lighting, tasteful decor and a selection of bathroom furniture.
Trendy and Classic Bathroom Ideas For Your Renovation Project
Bathrooms are practical and must be designed for function, but that doesn’t mean you need to ignore form. With the right focus and some consideration of your preferred style, a bathroom renovation could transform this space into something beautiful, comfortable and highly practical. Take stock of the bathroom ideas, flooring, cabinetry and fixtures available. Then have fun designing and remodeling the bathroom of your dreams.
More Bathroom Lighting Basics
Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. That’s why lighting is one of the most important features of any bathroom. Use these tips and techniques to get the best bathroom lighting design for your bathroom.
Top Three Bathroom Remodeling Themes for 2012
Are you planning a bathroom remodeling project? Consider renovating with one of the top three bathroom trends of 2012 in mind. From Asian-inspired baths to Scandinavian themed spaces and retro bathrooms, the latest décor themes provide fresh, comfortable spaces for today’s homes. Find your own personal style and ride current trends with one of these gorgeous bathroom themes.
How to Budget for Your Dream Bathroom Remodeling Project
Learning how to budget for your dream bathroom remodeling project allows for better control of this important home improvement. Control the costs and get expert advice from the beginning, making a list of priorities and choosing the optimum financing arrangement for your situation. Your dream bathroom is closer than you think, and setting a budget helps you get one step closer.
Five Steps to a Successful High Tech Bathroom Remodel
Complete your high tech bathroom remodel in a decent period of time and within budget by following these steps. Plan well, manage your priorities and finances, hire the best contractor, pay attention to details and remain flexible throughout the process. This type of bathroom renovation will substantially improve your lifestyle and property value, and let you take advantage of today’s technology.
Licensed Bathroom Remodeling Contractors
Since new bathroom construction remain in the top 2 home improvements made by American homeowners, the services of a bathroom contractor will always be in demand.
Innovative Home Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Regardless if your project entails DIY bathroom remodeling or custom bathroom contractor services, trendy home bathroom remodeling ideas are something a homeowner just can’t have too much of.
Find the Best Bathroom Contractor for the Job
Finding the best bathroom contractors is similar to finding the right person for any type job; research, screening, interviewing, elimination, and selection. The following tips can help homeowners find the right local bathroom contractors.
The Owner Contractor Contract Agreement � Critical for New Bathroom Construction
An owner contractor contract agreement is critical for any type construction or remodeling. New bathroom construction and even bathroom remodel ideas on a budget require a financial, time, and resource investment that needs protecting.
Seven Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger
Small bathrooms present a number of challenges to homeowners. By using the seven tips in this article, you can learn how to make your bathroom look bigger without a massive remodel or thousands of dollars.
DIY Bathroom Storage: Solutions for Small Spaces
In this article, you’ll find tips for storage in a small bathroom. Even without a lot of space or money, these DIY projects for your bathroom can create all of the storage you need.
Baths vs. Showers – Which way to turn and who can help
This article is about how to add value to your home by improving your bathroom. It offers advice on who and what the consumer should look for when making the decision to remodel their bathroom.
Taking your Bathroom into the 21st Century
With this bathroom technology tips, you can take your bathroom into the 21st century. Today, you don’t have to just dream of a bathroom television or lighting and heating that work with a remote control. These luxuries can be a reality for you!
Tile Options for your Bathroom Remodel
What kind of tile is right for your bathroom? That depends on your renovation budget, DIY abilities, and plans for the tiles. In this article, you’ll learn all about choosing tile for your next home remodel. Learn about your tile options.
Guest Bathrooms from Start to Finish
The guest bathroom might be small and less used than other rooms in the house, but neglecting this area of your house can make your friends and family members feel uncomfortable. Here’s how to renovate your guest bath to keep visitors happy and at ease.
Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Bathroom remodeling ideas have taken the next step past the normal, all-in-one fiberglass shower tubs. New ideas like soaker tubs with hot air bubbles and shower cabinets with steam bath capabilities have transformed the bathroom from a transient area in the home to an end-use space. In many cases this includes expanding the space to form one, and maybe two, extra rooms.
Bathroom Contractors
Bathroom contractors are looking past the basic three-piece ensuite to build larger bathroom spaces for relaxation in addition to showering and getting ready for work. The space allotment in new home designs is larger because the fixtures have grown in size with soaker tubs and large steam showers. In addition, there is space for a massage table and relaxing while reading a book or watching television.
Bathroom Makeovers-The New Bathroom
The modern bathroom utilize more space than ever before as homeowners look for bathroom fixtures which will enhance their lifestyle. Steam showers with rain forest showering capability and soaker tubs with forced, hot air bubbles and waterfalls are becoming the most sought-after additions to the modern bathroom makeover. Their therapeutic capabilities make the time spent in the new bathroom a wonderful experience.
Stealing Space for a Larger Bathroom
In many older homes a bathroom renovation means stealing extra space from where it is available. Sometimes this includes taking over a closet or part of a bedroom while other renovations include breaking down the wall and getting the room from a spare bathroom. When building a new room addition, however, the bathroom can be built from scratch to your own specifications.
Bathroom Design
This useful article gives homeowners helpful insight into the complicated task of bathroom design and renovation. Whether for an extended remodeling project or a simple budget-wise bathroom makeover. Included are tips for new bathroom facelifts for under $100, and tips for bathroom tile installation.
Tips For Basic Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom remodeling can be achieved without replacing the major fixtures and spending large amounts of money. By just spending a minimal amount of time changing the small items, and giving the place a new look with paint and new accessories, you can have a new bathroom without the cost and the mess.
Low-Flush Toilets – A Royal Flush
Water is becoming such a scarce commodity in some areas that water levels in aquifers, natural waterways and rivers and streams are at record lows. One of the best ways to conserve water is through low-flush toilets that use a variety of technologies that meet the new environmental protection agency standards and its WaterSense specifications.
Wet Rooms: Increase the Market Value of Your Home
Many homeowners are turning their second small bathroom into wet rooms; for convenience, contemporary style and flair, and to increase the market value of their home. This informative 935-word article offers homeowners guidance and helpful tips for a successful project.
Don’t Replace That Old Bath Tub – Bath Tub Repair and Refinishing Yields Striking Results at a Fraction of the Cost!
This 940-word article gives offers an affordable alternative to the prohibitive cost of replacing a bath tub or bathroom sink. Included is information about bath tub refinishing and repair products, as well as step by step how-to instructions for application.
Bathroom Remodeling – a Fresh, New Look for Your Home
Remodeling your bathroom can drastically change the décor of your bathroom with simply installing ceramic tile on the floor or walls. This article provides some tips for a successful remodeling project using ceramic tile.
Bathroom Remodeling; Start a Planner for Bathroom Design Success!
A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house; plumbing, electrical, and building code requirements can make bathroom remodeling a complex project. Even for do-it-yourselfers. Whether you are a do-it-yourself handyman or not, this article offers important information and guidelines crucial for successful bathroom remodeling and design. Don’ start your bathroom remodeling project until after you’ve read this informative article.
Bathroom Renovation: Bathroom Plumbing Material Choices
Bathroom renovation projects are at the top of the list when it comes to home improvement plans. Because plumbing is often an aspect of the project, do it yourself homeowners often need a helping hand when it comes to deciding on best plumbing material choices, code requirements, and how to piece plumbing successfully. This 706-word article cuts to the quick of material choices and use; offering tips for practical applications.