About Certified Handyman Professionals

Keeping up on home handyman jobs like seasonal tasks and basic home repair and maintenance is essential. Both to protect your home’s investment and efficiency, as well as maintain a pleasing and stress-free home environment.

Certified handyman professionals represent a unique building industry clique. Other building professionals may be the leading choice for larger more involved projects. But for smaller seasonal, repair, maintenance, and short-term building tasks, a trusted handyman professional is often best suited for the job. Local handyman services may also come with a more affordable price-tag.

Experienced Mr handyman type building, repair, and remodeling are a handyman contractors forte. Home handyman services are all about home maintenance. Crawling into cramped places, climbing onto rooftops, and toiling outside in unpleasant conditions are basic aspects of home upkeep services provided by certified handyman professionals.

Home handyman services involve a wide variety of repair/maintenance tasks. From installation and maintenance of numerous products and features, to general around the home handyman services. In fact, most states consider home handyman professionals an outworker. Independent handyman contractors for diverse commercial and residential applications.

That said, many certified handyman professionals work for corporations with primary focus on perfunctory and industrial environments. Completing handyman jobs by utilizing problem solving and technical skills to install and maintain various types of machinery. Some handyman professionals work for building-industry related companies and associations. For instance, maintenance companies, home remodeling outlets, local authorities, and housing associations.

Many states require even Mr handyman laborers that provide only basic around the home handyman services to become licensed. Yet when there are no handyman license requirements, prudent home handyman professionals acquire some type building industry certification. Licensed handyman contractors by and large earn greater credibility as a trusted handyman professional. Formal training makes for more diverse professional handyman services, increasing job and income potential.

Civic-minded handyman professionals sometimes volunteer home upkeep services within community and national programs, providing basic weatherization and safety-feature installation for disabled persons. Or specific in home handyman services for seniors. For instance, a “safety for seniors handyman program” providing free home handyman services; helping to ensure a better, safer quality of life.

States with no handyman license requirements may insist on a business license before providing local handyman services. Certification or not, scope of professional handyman services is usually limited. For instance, unless handyman contractors are licensed as a plumber or landscaper they cannot take on intricate plumbing or landscape architecture handyman jobs. Such restrictions protect residents from substandard services. As well as unscrupulous home handyman scams, prevalent after storms. Especially against the elderly.  Note: beware of persons represented as home handyman professionals who show up at your front door unsolicited, offering discounted on-the-spot handyman services.

In addition to handyman license requirements, many states also require certified handyman professionals to be bonded or insured. Some states limit insurance requirements to service providers earning over a specified amount. Regardless of licensing and insurance requirements, home handyman professionals must adhere to the same building codes and regulations as any other service provider.
Again, insurance and handyman license requirements differ state to state. Additional licensing over and above that required for handyman contractors may be required in some locales. And while some states allow professional handyman services to include structural work, others do not.

For an informative article on guidelines to become a certified handyman professional, read – Handyman License Requirements; How to Become a Licensed Handyman.

Basic Handyman Skills Checklist

Although handyman contractors may assist with various building industry related jobs, around the home handyman services include seasonal tasks and short-term renovation and repair.  Mr handyman talents required are as varied as the home upkeep services, but generally involve problem-solving and technical skills.

When pinpointing the abilities and expertise required to be well-rounded handyman professionals, consider the following basic handyman skills checklist:

  • Basic electrical – difficult enough to require certified handyman professional experience and familiarity with proper safety procedures. Not intricate enough to require a certified professional electrician.
  • Basic plumbing – requiring a handyman contractors working knowledge of plumbing systems, proper materials, procedures, and state and local codes. Not involved enough to require plumbing licensing.
  • Tiling, wall and floor – practical tile installation, repair, and maintenance in home handyman services.
  • Walls; installation/plastering/drywalls/sheetrock – home handyman knowledge of the fundamentals of wall installation; mixing and applying plaster, cutting and attaching sheetrock, surface preparation, etc.
  • Basic carpentry – certified handyman professional building skills for expert home repair, updates, and other home improvement handyman jobs.
  • Interior/exterior décor – basic handyman contractors decorative skills, for cosmetic appeal and beyond. Around the home handyman services; painting, wallpapering, building and installing shelving, organization systems, in-wall entertainment centers, etc. Installing paneling, siding, and window features. Including energy-saving inserts, blinds, drapery rods, security bars, solar film installation, and window shutters – inside and out.
  • Landscaping – professional handyman contractors landscape design and planting. Building and/or installing both functional and decorative features and elements; decks, fences, garden ponds, fountains, bridges, patios, raised planting beds, landscape lighting, etc.

Also, energy-efficient basic handyman skills. To conserve natural resources and save the homeowner money, cutting down on utility costs. For instance, EPA endorsed home upkeep checklist improvements like programmable thermostats, more efficient lighting, and improved insulation.

Due to keen competition, serious-minded handyman contractors will exceed basic handyman license requirements. They will obtain as much certified handyman professional training and experience as possible; becoming more knowledgeable in various areas of the building industry. And become a more proficient service provider, adding to their basic handyman skills checklist.

Handyman professionals with a broader scope of skills and expertise can provide more diverse home upkeep services. Making their local handyman services more desirable over competitors. Becoming a multi-skilled, much in demand tradesman, offering complete professional handyman services. Impressive for homeowners who prefer hiring one home handyman for multiple tasks instead of several handyman contractors; saving time and money.

In Home Handyman Services for Seniors

Many communities sponsor seniors handyman service programs that offer specific free or low-cost around the home handyman services for the elderly. The primary focus of a safety for seniors handyman program is to help improve the quality of life and safety of seniors. Local handyman services for seniors help the elderly remain independent in their own homes, to continue as a viable part of their community.

Sometimes the safety for seniors handyman program pays for material and supply costs up to a specified amount, with any remaining balance paid by the recipient. Some handyman services for seniors programs pay for all material costs; others provide the seniors handyman service but require recipients to repay the cost for materials.

Certified handyman professionals and other handyman contractors may volunteer time and expertise within the program, providing the following types of around the home handyman services for seniors:

  • Handyman jobs like safety grab bar installation
  • Interior/exterior handrail installation
  • In home handyman services like wheelchair ramp installation
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation; changing batteries
  • Stair tread repair; tacking down area rugs
  • Stair and bathtub safety strip installation
  • Home upkeep services like installing and cleaning storm windows/doors
  • Hanging drapery
  • Furnace filter/light bulb replacement
  • Changing fuses
  • Handyman services for seniors like building risers for chairs, couches, and beds
  • Updating faucets; changing faucet washers
  • Unclogging drains
  • Free conduct home safety surveys provided by handyman contractors
  • Removing debris from gutters
  • Providing a list of trusted handyman professional referrals, for tasks not included in safety for seniors handyman program services. Also, assistance acquiring quotes for local handyman services.
  • Other seasonal and safety related projects requiring basic handyman skills, like those on a simple home upkeep checklist.

A safety for seniors handyman program usually does not include such things as:

  • Siding, appliance, vehicle repair/replacement
  • Basic handyman services like moving/lifting furniture and appliances
  • Painting jobs
  • Cleaning
  • Remodeling home handyman services

In addition to programs that offer specific handyman services for seniors, many handyman contractors provide elderly services independently. Nearly unlimited home upkeep services at reduced seniors handyman service rates.

What to Expect From GOOD Certified Handyman Professionals

Once you know what to look for, a reliable, trusted handyman professional is easy to spot amid service providers who don’t take their trade seriously.  Or in some instances, may not even be honest. Besides being skilled and honest, good certified handyman professionals will exemplify certain attitudes and traits that can be used as criteria when seeking around the home handyman services.

Work results and professional ethics will be evidenced by the home upkeep services you acquire. So, why look beyond quality workmanship and fair business standards when selecting handyman contractors? While you do want to check references to ensure Mr handyman candidates behaved with integrity when providing other persons handyman services.  You also want to take every precaution to ensure the certified handyman professional you hire is someone you can work with.

You want a trusted handyman professional you can relate to. Someone you can bring into your home and introduce to your family – your greatest assets, with complete confidence. A true professional who will take the time to explain in home handyman services, abide by guidelines for handyman jobs, and stay within agreed budget and time constraints.

When critiquing handyman contractors, consider the following:

  • Is the candidate a certified handyman professional who meets insurance and handyman license requirements? If not, he/she cannot be completely honest, regardless of glowing home handyman referrals.
  • Are professional handyman services guaranteed? Without exception, reputable certified handyman professionals will stand by work performed on handyman jobs.
  • Do Mr handyman candidates provide recent referrals extolling the 3-Rs of a bona fide trusted handyman professional; responsible, reliable, and reputable?
  • What about the candidate’s home handyman skills checklist? Are services well-rounded; do abilities extend beyond basic handyman skills? For instance, what about special handyman services for seniors? Do local handyman services include plumbing and electrical tasks that may be required?
  • Will handyman contractors complete in home handyman services them self and/or their own work team?  Or will handyman jobs be outsourced to independent subcontractors?

What about odd jobs on your home upkeep checklist (raking leaves, clearing out rain gutters, etc.) not normally a part of the handyman professionals forte? A good home handyman will take on menial handyman jobs that are reasonable, to accommodate clients. Or what if your handyman jobs are more complex than typical home upkeep services? As long as project requirements do not exceed his/her handyman skills checklist, a good certified handyman professional will expand services to meet your needs.

Good handyman contractors are flexible. They offer a variety of around the home handyman services for handyman jobs large and small. And excel beyond basic handyman skills to provide homeowners with the best, most diverse service possible.

Beware of Mr Handyman Scammers Offering Unsolicited After Storm / Handyman Services for Seniors

It is often said a man’s home is his castle. A home is also a haven that must be protected. With that in mind, the importance of checking out credentials and references of handyman contractors cannot be over emphasized. Make sure the person you hire for home upkeep services is a trusted handyman professional.

Unfortunately, persons affected by a storm, handicapped persons, and senior citizens often fall prey to Mr handyman scam artists. Tricksters offering on-the-spot home handyman services at a much reduced rate; after a storm, or because they “just happen to be in the neighborhood.” Roof and gutter cleaning, roof repair, dead-tree limb removal, driveway repair/asphalt, and exterior painting are frequently the type unsolicited home handyman services marketed.

Homeowners enticed by a deal that sounds too good to pass up risk obligating themselves to pay for substandard, ineffective, incomplete, or non-existent services…or even worse! Mr handyman scammers may use phrases similar to: “I have materials left over and don’t want to have to haul them”, “I’m running a special deal today only”, “I just happen to be working in your neighborhood”, “I need quick cash”, “I can help finance the project,” and “I offer a discount to use your home as a model”.

Don’t be duped by scammers represented as reputable handyman contractors:

  • Do not let unsolicited service providers inside your home.
  • Request licensing information and a business card.
  • Make sure the person soliciting professional handyman services drives a truck with a company logo; take note of the vehicle license number.
  • Ask for time to consider the offer. When alone, determine whether the person offering services is a legitimate certified handyman professional.
  • Check the phone book to see whether the professional handyman services company is listed. If so, call the company; inquire about the around the home handyman services being offered.
  • Call the Better Business Bureau (BBB); check to ensure the company and/or contractor is a trusted handyman professional in good standing.
  • Check handyman license requirements for your state; make sure the handyman license is valid.
  • If still in doubt, call the local authorities. Ask whether handyman services for seniors scams have been reported. Also ask authorities to run a courtesy check on the handyman contractors vehicle license number.

For an informative article on home handyman screening and hiring tips, read – Finding Trusted Handyman Professionals; Research and Hiring Tips.

Home Handyman Services Work Orders and Contracts in a Nutshell

Once you have selected a service provider that meets handyman license requirements and your own guidelines, arrange a meeting. Go over home upkeep services in detail.  Make sure you understand what the handyman jobs entail: installation/repair needs, material needs, material costs, home handyman rates, and the projected time frame.

Make sure handyman contractors provide a quote for services, not an estimate. Estimates are not legally binding; they can change. A price quote obligates the service provider to stay at or below the stated amount. Be sure you get everything in writing, including the details of home upkeep services listed above.  Note: a written contract outlining all aspects of home handyman services is essential. If a problem or misunderstanding arises, an oral agreement proves worthless. A trusted handyman professional will not only oblige a request for a formal home handyman contract. They will insist upon it!

If the project is relatively simple, involving only basic handyman skills, a signed work agreement for local handyman services will suffice. But if handyman jobs are complex or long-term, a contract generally works best.

For complete guidelines on drafting a detailed contract suitable for seniors handyman service and other handyman jobs, visit our extensive library database. Find unique articles written exclusively for HandyAmerican.com offering insightful advice on developing legal work contract f or the benefit and protection of homeowners and handyman contractors alike.

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