101 Ways to Increase the Real Estate Market Value of Your Home Continued

Landscape Improvements

Curb appeal – that is what it’s all about! Wowing visitors and potential buyers with a clean, polished, uncluttered appearance the minute they drive up to the curb.

When it comes to increasing the market value of your home and attracting potential buyers, the landscape around the house is the icing on the cake; every bit as important as location. An irresistible welcome mat that makes people want to jump out of the car, to see the rest of the house.

Landscaping efforts often represent the second best return on investment (ROI) – with an average recoup of 100% or better. Not only can the landscape increase the real estate value of your home, but putting focus on curb appeal can help your home sell faster.

Follow the tips below to help get the exterior surrounding your home in tip-top shape and really stand out:

101 Ways to Increase the Real Estate Market Value of Your Home

  1. Remove any foliage and cut back shrubbery that hides the house – this includes trees, hedges, and anything else that blocks the front entrance view of the house from the road. Not only does such overgrowth hint of neglect and take away from the aesthetic appeal of the home. It represents a security problem – providing cover for intruders.
  2. Edge your lawn – the positive visual impact and landscaping curb appeal of a green, lush well-groomed lawn that is properly edged cannot be over emphasized. If you haven’t the time for upkeep required, invest in landscape services.
  3. Add Color – a pop of color helps create a beautiful landscape appealing to the eye; making the house look more inviting. Plant colorful annuals along the walkway and near the front entrance; plant ground cover around the base of trees. Helpful hint: research shows that the color yellow evokes a buying mood.
  4. Spread grass seed – if grass is sparse and unhealthy, spread lawn seed. Traffic areas especially may need attention.
  5. Lay turf – whether replacing the whole lawn with turf grass, or just as spot treatment for bald spots.
  6. Get rid of unsightly weeds– pull them out (make sure you get the whole root), or use a weed-remover product.
  7. Use liquid grass fertilizer – for the greenest lawn possible. Using a dispenser that fits onto the hose will help ensure even distribution; keep lawn well watered.
  8. Install a lawn sprinkler system – this not only helps keep the lawn looking great while reducing time spent on landscape maintenance. An automatic sprinkler system is a great selling point. If you’ve a garden space, consider installing a garden sprinkler system.
  9. Keep lawn well mowed – a height of 2-inches gives a well manicured, uniform appearance. If summers are particularly hot, up to 3-inches is acceptable. The added height will help roots grow deeper into the soil where moisture is more abundant.
  10. Dress-up your driveway – planting trees and bushes along your driveway dresses it up and creates an attractive border sure to attract attention.
  11. Add interest and color to your backyard landscape – add a trellis. Pick an area off to the side of one corner of the house, and create the illusion that the house is larger than it really is. Select fast-growing flowering vines for fragrance and visual appeal.
  12. Create a rock garden – an especially innovative option for a scant lawn that doesn’t quite meet the curb or driveway. A 2-foot wide strip along both sides of the driveway and/or where the property meets the curb can be filled with multicolored rocks. Mix large rocks with small for variety; strategically placed pots of plants add color and interest.
  13. Add an arbor garden or potted shrubs – a great way to hide unsightly spots and draw attention away from less attractive areas of the yard.
  14. Weed garden landscape – and turn soil over with fresh mulch for optimum appeal.
  15. Landscaping idea – paint a layer of diluted yogurt on a terra cotta pot, urn, birdbath, or statue to age it with an attractive mossy finish for enhanced landscape décor.
  16. Create a rock garden pond – the perfect solution for a lawn with large bald spots; more cost effective than a garden pond surrounded by flora, with less upkeep.
  17. Light up the landscape – and make your home look more inviting. Landscape light – whether solar, outdoor track lighting, or designer Malibu landscape lighting – provides a hospitable ambiance that enhances home exterior.
  18. Add security lighting – such as flood lights or motion-sensitive lights. Select traditional or decorative styles – such as sconces. Security lights enhance safety; both from intruders and by lighting up pathways and reducing the risk of accidents. They also make property look more appealing.
  19. Clear debris from yard – that includes sticks, litter, toys, leaves, and even bird droppings; only a fresh, well manicured lawn should greet the eyes of potential buyers.
  20. Keep trees and shrubs neatly pruned – critical for curb appeal. Cut back overgrown trees and overhanging plants. “Tame” your yard so that it looks well manicured.
  21. Remove any badly damaged, dead or dying plants and trees – grass over holes, or plant healthy new specimens.
  22. Enhance landscape using a theme – one that will compliment your home design. Consider a desert landscape, natural landscape, or tropical landscape – depending upon your locality.
  23. Add an outdoor water feature – such as a fountain, garden pond waterfall, or even just a birdbath. Water features attract butterflies, birds, and other specimens of wildlife – adding enchantment to your yard. Such elements also add aesthetic appeal, and the sounds made by water are relaxing and therapeutic.
  24. Hire a landscape designer or landscape architect – if your property needs extensive TLC. They can create a landscape plan complete with detailed diagrams and plant lists; you can save money by doing the work yourself. Having an expert draw up the plans will ensure a professional-looking outcome, and your real estate home value will go up.