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ZdM Design Studio LLC
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Company Contact Details

Main Contact(s):Main Contacts  Monica Valente, Z Davis
Address:Address  60 E Middle Patent Rd, Greenwich, CT  06831
Service Area:Address  Within 100 Mi's of Greenwich
Contact Options:Email  Request a Quote  |  Primary Phone Number  203-661-4743  |  914-844-7836

Company Overview

ZdM Design Studio LLC is a design firm dedicated to the expression of ideas through Architecture and Interior Design. The firmís interest in an investigative architectural process makes the approach to each project unique and specific with regard to the client, site and building type. The firmís professional experience encompasses a wide range of design and production of residential, retail, hospitality, civic and corporate projects throughout the United States and abroad. Ms. Davis and Ms. Valente became partners after a long friendship and genuine respect for each otherís work. In order to provide a full design service they combined their expertise to execute high quality projects to clients demanding original, personalized and carefully detailed design solutions.

Satisfying the client throughout the design process is a foremost concern of ZdM Design Studio LLC. The firm will strive to uncover, understand and address the needs of the client.

ZdM Design Studio LLC seeks the clientís full understanding of the design and building process. The firm is extremely respectful of financial constraints, implementing innovative design solutions to bridge the gap between budget and project.

Licensing Information:  Please contact ZdM Design Studio LLC to request their licensing information.
Liability Insurance Information:  Please contact ZdM Design Studio LLC to request their insurance details.
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Awards and Contributions

Featured in several publications: Estates of the World, Conrad, Artistic Advantage, Interior Design