Printable Forms

The following printable forms have been included for your convenience:

Universal Home Design Checklist
Is your home a “lifetime” home; one that will meet the needs of each family member for the duration of their life – regardless of age or physical ability? A home with universal design creates a safe environment with adapting features that will benefit all persons.

Use this handy checklist to determine how universal design friendly your home is, and what can be done to make it more so.

Contractor Reference Checklist
Use this handy checklist below when making contact with contractor references; previous customers who can provide valuable insight. Not only in regards to the contractor’s skills, but also how easy the contractor was to work with, how reliable they were, how well they communicated throughout the project, and how well they adhered to the contract.
Contractor Selection Checklist
Before the person-to-person interview, provide each candidate with an exact copy of your detailed project requirements in order to compare bids accurately and fairly. Use this handy checklist below to assist you in assessing each contractor and their bid.
Contract Content Checklist
Before signing the agreement for your home renovation project, make sure you read the contract thoroughly. Use this handy checklist to make sure pertinent information is clearly detailed.

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