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Voice and data wiring is becoming more and more popular in homes as people have computers, TV’s, telephones and other similar technology. The best time to make allowances for this wiring is while your home is being built.

Voice and Data and Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is the common system used when wiring a home for voice and data. This involves installing a bundled package with different types of wires that can be easily installed as a unit. These wiring cables will then run from all the different rooms in a home to a central room and will be able to run many different types of electrical and technical products.

The Advantages of Structured Wiring for Voice and Data

The advantage of structured wiring for voice and data is that it is easier to install, allows for greater flexibility and different products can gradually be added to this system as they are needed or become available.

What Products Can Run Off Voice and Data Wiring

If you install a structured wiring system in your home then most products should be able to run through this system, however some of the more common products for voice and data wiring are computers, telephones, televisions, home theater systems and audio systems.

Choosing a Contractor

You can find voice and data wiring contractors using the HandyAmerican.com directory or posting a project on our website and letting these contractors contact you. Get a few different quotes from different wiring contractors and also ask for references to ensure that others have been happy with their services. Compare quotes and choose a contractor that you feel most comfortable with.

Voice and data wiring is becoming increasingly popular in homes as people get more and more technology installed in their homes. One of the best ways to make allowance for this is to get structured wiring systems installed in your home when you first build. These systems can run most products and allow for great flexibility and easy installation. Choose a wiring contractor using the HandyAmerican.com directory or website.

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