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What Kitchen Remodelers Do

A kitchen remodeler is a skilled kitchen contractor.  An expert remodeling contractor specializing in kitchen construction, renovation, and kitchen design layout ideas.  Whether for a small kitchen renovation that includes an affordable kitchen cabinet makeover for a budget-conscious homeowner.  Or creating blueprints for an upscale designer kitchen.  Complete with waterfall-edged granite kitchen countertops, elaborate custom-made hickory cabinets, and the best kitchen floor available.     

Many kitchen contractors are National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) or National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) members.  The NKBA association is a leading educational resource for the industry; with high NKBA standards for construction excellence, professionalism, and workmanship. 

The National Association of the Remodeling industry is a leading voice in the remodeling industry as a whole; promoting responsible, functional, and economically sound construction objectives.  For instance, the NARI sets specific guidelines for kitchen contractors.  Encouraging each to conduct business ethically; with integrity and honesty.  While setting high health and safety standards for kitchen remodel designs created.  Including kitchen remodel designs and features included within each plan, as well as materials used during kitchen construction.

Some kitchen remodelers may also have some type certified kitchen designer training.  However, such credentials are not mandatory. While status as a certified kitchen designer CKD is noteworthy, talented kitchen remodelers can be every bit as skilled as a licensed kitchen designer.  And while National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and/or National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) memberships are desirable, non-member kitchen contractors can be just as competent and reputable as those who are.

(For more information on certified kitchen designer proffesionals, readWhat to Expect From a Good Certified Kitchen Designer.)

(For information on certified kitchen designer training, read How to Become a Certified Kitchen Designer CKD.)

While not licensed as such, some kitchen remodelers boast self-taught kitchen designer skills.  Or else are naturally endowed with an eye for style, and the ability to create a kitchen floor plan design as efficient as it is décor-enhanced; both functional and cosmetically pleasing.  Some kitchen contractors possess talents in modern kitchen cabinet design or in producing visually appealing kitchen design layout ideas that maximize space.  Or designs that are themed. 

For instance, 1980s-style white kitchen design layout with a modern twist; a marriage of white kitchen cabinet design with stainless, copper, or granite kitchen countertops.  Or old-world Tuscan kitchen remodeling designs that feature the optimal kitchen counter in ceramic tile; complimented by a hand-painted tile, tin, or copper backsplash.  Pulled together by gold wall covering using olive trim, and an earthy specialty kitchen floor of ginger or sienna brick.

The key when making remodeling contractor selection is that you find one with the experience and skill level needed for the type of kitchen construction you require.  Whether a small kitchen renovation, modest kitchen remodeling, or elaborate kitchen design layout.  A kitchen contractor who will abide by mandatory requirements for kitchen remodelers; including up-to-date contractor license and contractor insurance requirements.  And comply with national and local building codes, as well as National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and National Kitchen and Bath Association guidelines – mandatory or not.

Again, kitchen remodelers with only the required contractor license can demonstrate the same level integrity, capability, and workmanship as a kitchen remodeler with certified kitchen designer training.  Not to mention the possible benefit of lower kitchen renovation costs.  It all depends on the character, experience, and skill level of the individual remodeling contractor.  As well as extent and complexity of the kitchen construction to be performed.

The long and short of it is this; a kitchen contractor offers specialized services.  As kitchen remodeling experts they are highly skilled at both large and small kitchen floor plan design and construction.  Whether formulating ideas for innovative kitchen remodeling on a budget projects, or breathing to life original kitchen designer concepts. 

As professional kitchen contractors, each must meet certain state contractor license and contractor insurance requirements.  In addition to national and local building codes and guidelines; designed for the protection of you and your home.

For information on kitchen contractor requirements, readHow to Become a Kitchen Remodeler

Why Hire a Kitchen Remodeler Over a Regular Remodeling Contractor?

Although a remodeling contractor with enhanced kitchen construction skills may be able to pull off a kitchen remodeling project plan without a hitch, there are benefits to hiring a professional kitchen contractor.
Kitchen contractors offer specialized services with emphasis on kitchen construction and design.  A kitchen remodeling contractor has cultivated the skills, experience, and kitchen design layout ideas required to turn your kitchen remodel dreams into reality.  A beautiful, modern, convenient, and more functional and accessible kitchen.  Sure to please the chef in your family.

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry NARI), National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), and similar construction industry associations, current trends reflect the old when it comes to kitchen remodeling – large or small.  Despite a sagging economy, kitchen remodel projects remain on the upsweep.  Why?  Because like the bathroom, a quality kitchen renovation is a homeowner’s best friend when it comes to increasing the real estate value of their home.  And makes it more desirable to potential buyers – increasing the chance of a quick sale.

Hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor even for a small kitchen renovation can not only significantly improve your home’s worth.  But today’s modern kitchen design layout trends make the kitchen - the heart of the home - even more livable and enjoyable.  Translating to increased quality of life! 

Kitchen remodelers utilize enhanced kitchen design layout ideas, such as innovative energy conservation concepts, unique hidden storage features, and increased use of available space.  And will make the most of new material and pattern trends, many touting designer kitchen appeal.  Including optimal kitchen countertop, specialty kitchen floor, and superior modern kitchen cabinet design options.  For an even greater selection of kitchen design layout ideas a skilled kitchen contractor can customize to your needs.

While it is true any remodeling contractor meeting contractor license and contractor insurance requirements can undertake a kitchen remodeling, consider the following.  Like plumbers and electricians, kitchen remodelers trained exclusively in kitchen construction and design offer a highly skilled, specialized service, and should have a keen eye for detail. 

Kitchen design layout ideas, aptitude, and kitchen remodeling workmanship expectations for professional kitchen remodelers generally exceed those of other types of contractors.  This is because in addition to specialized training, the more a professional works at his/her craft the better experienced and adept they become. 

A regular remodeling contractor may not have worked on a kitchen construction project in weeks, months, or even years.  While a kitchen contractor with skills in that specific area routinely provides that type service.  Making it more likely the completed project will either meet or surpass the homeowner’s expectations.

For more information on kitchen renovation contractors, read – “Professional Kitchen Contractor Services; How to Determine When They are Needed.”

What to Expect From Good Kitchen Remodelers

A good kitchen remodeler will be able to provide creative new kitchen design, expert advice, and quality kitchen construction workmanship. While developing kitchen design layout ideas that best suit your needs, for the space and budget available.  And will maintain an up-to-date kitchen contractor portfolio; complete with shining referrals and pictures of previously worked on kitchen remodel designs.

While wise homeowners will draw heavily on the expertise of kitchen remodelers for innovative new kitchen design ideas, a good remodeling contractor will base the heart of their work on the homeowner’s desires, lifestyle, and preferences.

A good kitchen remodeling contractor will also:

  • Provide free kitchen construction consultation.  Good kitchen remodelers will visit the homeowner’s residence to assess their kitchen remodeling needs. Note: many kitchen contractors offer 3-dimensional computerized illustrations to help homeowners better visualize innovative kitchen renovation plans.
  • Attempt to incorporate the homeowner’s preferences for new kitchen design ideas into the new kitchen floor plan design whenever possible, as long as they are feasible.
  • Offer free quotes for kitchen design layout ideas under consideration. Note: request kitchen contractor quotes.  Avoid estimates; they are non binding and subject to change.
  • Discuss average kitchen renovation costs with the homeowner. Note: according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA, typical kitchen renovation costs combined with remodeling contractor fees for a complete new kitchen remodeling usually range between $20,000 and $50,000.  The expense for larger kitchen design layout ideas or for a more sophisticated or upscale kitchen floor plan design can run considerably higher.  Rule of thumb, the cost of a complete kitchen remodeling project should fall somewhere between 10% and 25% of the value of the home. This includes all equipment and kitchen contractor fees.  If the remodel is in preparation of selling the home, experts advise staying as close to the 10% mark as possible for optimal investment recoup potential.
  • Be skilled at developing helpful strategies for kitchen remodeling on a budget.  For instance, good kitchen remodelers will suggest creative ways to cut kitchen renovation costs.  Such as low-cost cosmetic modifications like affordable kitchen cabinet re-facing.  For a trendier, more modern kitchen cabinet design without the high price associated with custom products by kitchen cabinet remodelers.  Or reasonably-priced laminate or Formica kitchen countertops that rival designer granite kitchen countertops in appearance; lowering the cost per square foot from 3 figures to 2!  Note: Jimmy Mai of Allied Marble, Inc. - a popular kitchen renovation Seattle based natural stone supplier - also suggests having your kitchen contractor look into “stone special of the month” offerings.  Unique discounts on popular natural stone slabs used for granite kitchen countertops; made available when in-store stock supplies for that particular product become very limited.
  • Offer complete kitchen renovation contractor services relevant to kitchen construction; appraisals, design, building, supply and install materials (including custom kitchen remodeling installations), maintenance, and more. Note: some kitchen remodelers and kitchen designer professionals are also experienced at remodeling other areas of the home.  If you plan to renovate other rooms in the near future, hiring a kitchen contractor with those additional remodeling skills might be to your benefit.
  • Good kitchen renovation contractors will back up all services provided in writing.
  • Provide the homeowner with all kitchen floor plan design building material and product receipts and warranty information, once payment has been received.
  • Provide homeowners insightful kitchen remodel designs, to avoid the type kitchen remodeling errors most frequently associated with DIY kitchen renovation projects.  For instance, poor planning; kitchen construction oversights such as improper lighting or a substandard kitchen floor plan design that disregards the kitchen work triangle.  Or a kitchen design layout that demonstrates poor foot traffic, food preparation space, or storage planning strategies. 
  • Good kitchen remodelers will be knowledgeable about the kitchen work triangle design trends; for increased efficiency of your new modern kitchen floor plan design. 
  • Maintain kitchen contractor membership with kitchen construction related associations such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA (or even NKBA certification) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry NARI
  • Demonstrate exceptional kitchen remodeling skills in various areas of kitchen layout design; for purposes of beauty, convenience, and maximum use of space.  Including large and small kitchen renovation strategies for optimized kitchen floor plan design, and other innovative kitchen design layout ideas.  (I.e. the best kitchen floor to fit your needs and budget, in-depth knowledge about various affordable kitchen cabinet options, optimal kitchen counter advice, modern trends in the kitchen work triangle design, etc.)
  • A good kitchen contractor will be knowledgeable in regards to NARI and NKBA standards and guidelines.  As well as national and local kitchen construction building codes.
  • Meet mandatory contractor insurance requirements, and hold proper contractor licenses and up-to-date remodeling contractor permits.  As well as other credentials when applicable; such as certified kitchen designer CKD documentation, or proof they are qualified NARI or NKBA certified kitchen designer professionals.
  • Have on hand the majority of equipment necessary to complete the kitchen remodeling project planned; cutting  down on kitchen renovation costs by avoiding the extra expense of rental equipment.
  • Formulate some type kitchen renovation checklist; an outline consisting of kitchen design layout and building needs.  A kitchen renovation checklist to reduce the risk of errors during kitchen construction.  Or accidentally overlooking aspects of the kitchen remodeling project as work progresses.
  • Research for the best kitchen construction materials at the best price.  As well as key kitchen remodeling features (i.e. dishwasher, disposal, refrigerator, etc.) Helping to keep kitchen renovation costs within the budget, while choosing the very best products possible.
  • A good kitchen contractor will allow homeowners the right to select their wall paint brand of preference, instead of the type or brand most cost-effective from the perspective of kitchen remodelers. (I.e. brands of paint selected mainly because they are easier to apply, cover most efficiently, or dry more quickly.)  Note: according to a March 09, 2011 Consumer Reports article, although many kitchen contractors favor quality paint, the needs of contractor and homeowner differ.  Kitchen remodelers generally prefer a paint that glides on smoothly, dries quickly between coasts, and hides touch-ups easily.  Whereas the homeowner’s concerns are more long-term.  (I.e. will the paint used during kitchen construction resist mildew?  How easy will it be to clean the walls?)  According to Consumer Reports tests, Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint  remains the 2-year-in-the-running champ!  (Available in 4 different interior wall products, as well as a stain-blocking product for ceilings.)  It is the perfect paint for kitchen remodeling projects because it resists stains and mildew; available at top national home remodeling outlets for just over $30.00 a gallon.  As a remodeling contractor enticement, Behr started a “direct-to-pro program.”  Offering free delivery on large orders, volume-discount pricing, and factory tinting for more consistent color matching. Alerting your kitchen contractor to this special program might be beneficial.
  • Keep to the agreed upon budget by not exceeding kitchen renovation costs without the homeowner’s prior permission.
  • Formulate a realistic timetable that breaks the kitchen remodeling project plan down into stages; specific steps of completion along with a time table that includes the anticipated end of kitchen construction date.

A good kitchen remodeling contractor company will also be adequately staffed; with each kitchen contractor crew member satisfactorily trained, covered by contractor insurance.  And an up-to-date contractor license, when applicable. 

Good kitchen remodelers will offer practical kitchen renovation tips that help the homeowner prepare for the realities of having their house worked on.  And will help formulate a kitchen renovation checklist outlining ways to best handle temporary kitchen construction inconveniences - whether a large or small kitchen renovation.  This helpful kitchen renovation checklist will include such issues as kitchen construction noise level, privacy issues, increased indoor traffic (caused by the remodel contractor crew), daily kitchen remodeling clutter, project delays, outdoor parking issues, etc. 

Lastly, good kitchen renovation contractors will go out of their way NOT to leave homeowners in a lurch without water or kitchen access.  They will give a heads up when the kitchen will be completely out of commission during the kitchen remodeling process.  And when it will be fully or only partially operable. 

For an insightful article on evaluating your present kitchen to assist your kitchen contractor in creating the most workable new kitchen floor plan design for your family needs, read – “Let Your Old Kitchen Design Layout Help Inspire New Kitchen Design Ideas.”

Why Research Kitchen remodelers?

Calling the first kitchen remodeling contractor you find in the phone book or the one with the biggest yellow page advertisement can turn a simple small kitchen renovation into a financial nightmare.  And trusting a kitchen remodeler to help turn your upscale kitchen design layout ideas into a reality simply because they cast the lowest bid can be your biggest and most costly mistake to date!

As surprising as it is, many people will research items like cell phones and stereo systems before making a purchasing decision.  But will hire a kitchen remodeling contractor for extensive kitchen construction work based on price or ease of contact alone.  Why, when the cost for items such as cell phones and stereos hardly compare to the huge financial investment represented by a new kitchen remodeling? 

Some homeowners find themselves disillusioned by kitchen remodelers who promised the moon only to skip out midway through the job or else provide sloppy-workmanship instead.  And are forced to pay a high price for failure to research for a dependable kitchen contractor.  It only makes sense, then, to find out everything possible about potential kitchen remodeling contractor candidates before making a hiring decision.
It may be tempting to go the easy route and trust a major home center’s remodeling contractor of choice.  Or else rely on an online homeowner-to-contractor pre-screening service to provide a match.  Without first considering how inefficient, unreliable, and/or outdated the screening process may be.

Many persons do not realize that homeowner-to-contractor pre-screened matchmaking services can give homeowners a false sense of security.  Since kitchen remodeling contractor membership guidelines often make it easy for nearly any kitchen contractor - trustworthy or not - to qualify.  In some cases, the main requirement is a valid contractor license at the time of endorsement. Followed up only by payment of annual membership fees to retain “member in good standing status.”

Research shows that the most successfully completed kitchen construction projects bearing the best kitchen remodel designs is often the handiwork of local kitchen contractor professionals.  Not kitchen remodelers endorsed by major national home centers, which might be just fine.  Nor kitchen renovation contractor members belonging to some type pre-screening matchmaking service, which might do just as well.  But by an independent area kitchen renovation contractor – just like those affiliated with 

Kitchen remodeling contractors at can be screened by the homeowner using our free online tools and easy-to-access portfolios.  Critique comprehensive dossiers at your convenience, in the privacy of your own home; complete with pictures of previously worked on new modern kitchen floor plan design projects.  View everything from small kitchen renovation projects and kitchen remodeling on a budget designs, to state-of-the-art innovative kitchen renovation plans with kitchen designer appeal.  Plus kitchen contractor referrals (complete with contact information from previous kitchen construction clients), kitchen renovation contractor experience, proof of credentials, and more.

According to an August 2007 Consumer Reports article, “Roughly 40 percent of readers reported a problem with contractors from one or the other home center chains, compared with less than 30 percent who had problems with contractors they hired themselves….”

The report went on to state that contractors not affiliated with home centers (I.e. independent kitchen renovation contractors) scored higher in the following areas of service:

  • Quality of kitchen contractor workmanship and materials
  • Speed of work (kitchen construction completion)
  • Communication
  • The ability to keep kitchen renovation costs down

Readers of Consumer Reports testified that about 15-percent of home center-referred kitchen remodelers and 6-percent of those referred by independent stores caused damage to kitchen countertops, cabinets and other kitchen remodeling items during the installation process.  Or else installed them incorrectly. Whereas only 3-percent of kitchen contractors screened and hired by the homeowner themselves caused any damage whatsoever. 

More impressive still, independent remodeling contractor architects and those with certified kitchen designer CKD or NKBA certification who were selected and hired by the homeowner possessed better new kitchen design ideas.  Whereas kitchen construction builders and certified kitchen designer professionals representing home centers and manufacturer stores offered limited kitchen renovation tips and design help.  Based primarily upon products they themselves market.

The bottom line is – researching the qualifications and credentials, and checking the references of kitchen remodelers yourself just prior to hiring is your best protection against kitchen renovation disaster.  It is also your best assurance that:

  • Contractor license, contractor insurance requirements, and other credentials are still intact.
  • The contractor’s kitchen construction and kitchen design layout skills will meet your standards.
  • The remodeling contractor is still highly regarded in the industry as a qualified kitchen contractor, and respectful of local kitchen remodeling code guidelines.
  • There exist no legitimate grievances against the kitchen contractor.

Researching for the best contractor for the job is your greatest assurance that the new kitchen floor plan design you have anticipated, saved for, and dreamed about for so long has the best chance of becoming a beautiful dream come true.  Instead of a financial nightmare; fraught by poor workmanship and unpleasant memories that can linger a lifetime.

As with many other things in life, you generally get what you pay for!  Trying to save a few hundred dollars by selecting kitchen remodelers because they come with the cheapest price tag or hiring the one most easily-obtained kitchen contractor could compromise project success.  Resulting in shoddy or incomplete kitchen construction; behind schedule and over budget.  Or an inefficient kitchen floor plan design, or even worse. 

While price should be a consideration, selecting kitchen remodelers that exemplify the right expertise, skill, reliability, track record, and accessibility are more important.  Characteristics determined only through research, screening, and by comparing kitchen contractor candidates.

For helpful information on kitchen remodeling contractor contracts, read – “How to Develop a Good Work Contract.”

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