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Hardwood and laminate flooring may look the same but there are important differences to take into consideration when you are considering installing these flooring materials. Each has their advantages and disadvantages and may be better suited to different situations.

If you are looking to add more value to your home with your home renovations then you should probably consider hardwood over laminate as it has a better reputation and adds more value to your home.

Laminate Flooring is Cheaper than Hardwood

The advantage of laminate flooring over hardwood flooring is that laminate flooring is often cheaper than hardwood. If you are looking for a low-cost solution then you should probably consider this option.

Laminate flooring does not fade as easily as hardwood flooring and is also stronger and more durable, able to take heavier traffic. Hardwood on the other hand needs to regularly be sanded and properly maintained in order to last.

Another advantage of laminate flooring is that it is more easily installed than hardwood flooring. It does not require the use of glue and can be used immediately after installation.

Hardwood Flooring can be Re-Sanded

The advantage with hardwood flooring is that it may be re-sanded and refinished a number of times and so the lifespan when this is done can be a lot longer than that of laminate flooring which cannot be re-sanded or refinished.

How to Find a Flooring Contractor to Install Your Hardwood or Laminate Floors has two different ways you can choose a contractor to install your hardwood or laminate flooring. You may choose to search for contractors in your area using our directory, or post your project on our website and let contractors contact you.

Hardwood and laminate flooring each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Where hardwood flooring may add to the value of your home, laminate is available at a lower cost. Laminate flooring is easier to install and maintain but it cannot be refinished to last a lifetime. Before deciding on which flooring type you are going to use you should consider what you require in a flooring solution and which would be the best solution for you. You can find a contractor to install your hardwood or laminate flooring at

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